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Donna Distefano has become one of the leading designers of highly sought after wedding rings. Her glittering engagement rings have appeared numerous times in America's leading bridal publications. Donna designs for all styles, sizes & budgets. It is important to choose your ring with care and knowledge. Our bridal pages outline frequently asked questions. Your engagement ring is an important symbol and a purchase of a lifetime. At the Donna Distefano atelier, it is our goal to create the finest quality ring to meet your budget.

Ring Design-Classic or Classical:

The engagement ring, an enduring symbol of your love is the start of your married life together, but how to decide the design? When envisioning the perfect ring, do you think of something modern and classic or romantic and embellished?

A classic platinum solitaire or the deep, rich gold of rings from antiquity? One stone or three? Do you have a specific shape of diamond in mind or perhaps a colored gemstone? Do you want a matching wedding band? What about your partner's ring? In thinking about the answers to these questions, is it possible to create in your mind an idea of the ring you have dreamed of? Together we will create the reality.

When estimating your budget for diamond rings, keep in mind the 4 C's of the diamond will change the price, as will the design of the ring, and the karat of the gold. If you like a style and want to work within a higher or lower budget, contact us and we will help you choose the right combination of components to create your ring.


Diamonds are composed purely of carbon, making them the hardest gemstone in the world. A diamond's value is contingent not on only its size and weight, but on its cut, color, and clarity, also known as "The Four C's". At Donna Distefano, we recommend selecting a diamond that is accompanied by certification from a laboratory. These certificates detail the diamond's measurement, shape, clarity, color and carat weight.


A gemstone's cut determines the fire colored light and brilliance of a diamond. The facets act to bounce light within the diamond and back toward the eye, as do the overall proportions of the stone. For example, the classic round stone has 58 precisely aligned facets, giving it extraordinary brilliance, hence the name "brilliant-cut". The cut also refers to the shape. Diamond styles available are: round, oval, pear, princess, marquise, or heart-shaped (see chart).

Rose Cut:

Rose cut diamonds were introduced as early as the 1500's and were popular until the early 1900's. The shape of a rose cut diamond resembles the petals of a rose bud. The bottom is flat. The crown is domed shaped and the facets meet in a point in the center. The number of facets varies from 3, 6, 12, 18, to 24 facets


The more colorless the diamond, the greater its rarity and value. Many diamonds appear colorless to the untrained eye although they contain slight traces of yellow, brown or gray. Very rarely in nature fancy colored diamonds occur and although special and costly, they are not often used in traditional engagement rings. At DDL we are happy to provide them, if you are interested in these rare diamonds. Color is graded according to the chart below. At Donna Distefano we recommend choosing from "H" color or better.


Clarity in the diamond refers to the quantity, size, position, nature and color of inclusions (minute crystalline irregularities found in the gem's interior). The common definition of 'Flawless' refers to the fact that no inclusions can be seen under a standard 10x power jewelers loupe, as truly flawless diamonds are extremely rare. Diamonds are graded from FL Flawless to I3. See chart. At Donna Distefano, we recommend choosing a VS2 or better.

Carat weight:

A carat is the gemologist's standard measure of a diamond's weight. There are 100 points per carat; a half-carat diamond is equal to 50 points.

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

History of Colored Gemstones in Engagement Rings

Colored Gemstones have been used in engagement rings at least since the Renaissance. At that time, the color of the stone used was thought to lend specific attributes to the ring itself. Red gemstones, like rubies, were thought to be representative of passion and the heart. Blue gemstones, meanwhile, (like sapphires) were believed to be connected with spirituality, faithfulness and the higher spheres; green gemstones like emeralds served as a guarantor of perpetual love. At the time, diamonds were extraordinarily rare, and were almost never used by anyone but royalty.

It was only in the late nineteenth century that the discovery of South African diamonds brought these gemstones within reach of the middle classes. This newfound availability, combined with the gemstones’ past association with illustrious nobles, rendered them ubiquitous.

Of course, what goes around…

Lately, colored gemstones have again begun appearing in engagement rings. Ironically, people are turning to these now-exotic gemstone options precisely because their inclusion can make an engagement ring seem less ordinary. In this sense, colored gemstones are serving exactly the same purpose that diamonds did before their widespread introduction. The choice of colored gemstones for such an important ring makes sense in many ways: rubies and sapphires, for example, rate a #9 on the hardness scale, as opposed to diamonds’ #10. Whether accompanied by diamonds or standing alone, these colorful options can make your most important jewelry purchase as personal as it is timeless.

Bridal Party

These are just a few examples of the lovely gifts available for your bridal party. Choose from long drop earrings with matching necklaces, pearls in all lengths and sizes, or jewels coordinated with the colors of your dresses.

Perhaps you’d like a special gift for a friend or family member. At Donna Distefano, we will do our best to create pieces in any budget and we welcome special requests. Also, ask us about our cufflinks, men’s jewelry collection and gifts for the bride on her wedding day.

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